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Absence/Withdrawal Policies

Regular attendance in class is encouraged to ensure dancer progress. If a class is missed, dancers may obtain a recording of the class they missed or the next class attended. We will only record a class if requested.


To withdraw from a class, notification must be made in writing (email is acceptable) by the 15th of the current month prior to dropping a class for any reason. There is no refund for tuition due or paid in the month a class is dropped. We continue to hold a place for your dancer in class until a formal withdrawal is received. You will be responsible for payment of tuition until formal notification is given. A survey about the reason for withdrawal will be requested.

Observation/Closure Policies

Parents/Guardians are invited to observe on their dancer's 1st day of class, and we kindly ask that on folowwing class meeting dates parents wait outside of the studio for the entire length of class. Having people inside of the studio while dancers are learning can be very distracting, especially because we do not have a formal waiting room. We have designated Observation Weeks throughout the dance school-year. The dates will be announced on our website and at the studio. 


We align with the Bellevue School District for closures, holidays, and inclement weather policies. In the event of snow, cancelation of after-school activities has no bearing on whether or not we are closed. If you are uncertain regarding closure, please check the announcements on our website or Facebook page. There are no refunds for weather-related closures.

 Class Cancellation/Attendance

A class or program will not commence until a mimimum of 5 dancers is enrolled in it. All classes are subject to possible cancellation if enrollment drops too low, but this only happens very rarely. In the event that your class or program is canceled, we will make every attempt to find a comparable class to transfer your dancer into. If your schedule does not allow for a change, you will have the option of either a refund or credit, pro-rated based on the number of classes taken.


Dancers are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Dancers or their families must report all absences to Cornerstone Studio, prior to class time, in order to be excused. Dancer who are injured are expected to observe classes and take notes. Attendance is critical to consistent progress and advancement in skills. Poor attendance (for any reason) may jeopardize a student's future class placement.


It is essential that dancers come to class on time. Late arrival does not allow a dancer sufficient time to warm up, may cause injuries, and disrupt class. Dancers more than 10 minutes late to any class may be asked to sit and observe.


Cornerstone Studio reserves the right to shorten a class based on the attendance of the class. Dance classes with only 2 students in attendance will be treated like a semi-private lesson and last for 45 minutes, while classes with only 1 student in attendance will be treated like a 30-minute private lesson. Families will be contacted immediately, if a class will be cut short due to low class attendance.


Dancers are expected to be picked up by a parent/guardian, promptly after classes. Please call Cornerstone Studio if you are delayed or anticipate a delay. Office staff closes the studio 5 minutes after the final class of the day. A fee of up to $20 may be charged if staff has to wait with a student 15 minutes or more, after the studio is officially closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I sign up my son/daughter?

Classes start in September and continue through June. You can sign up until January 31st, unless the class is full.


Where can I buy Dance clothing?

Dance clothing & shoes can be found at the following locations:

  • (Use code 36916 to get up to $10 off your first order)


Are there private lessons?

Yes, private lessons are available depending on the studio and instructor availability. Rates depend on the teacher and the length or private lesson. To schedule or inquire about a private lesson please email here:


Can a student “try out” a class?

Students can do a trail class for any open & appropriate level class.  If a class is full a student CAN NOT try out the class. There is a $15 fee for anyone doing a trial class. If a student choses to register for the class after the trial, the $15 fee will be used towards the $25 registration fee.


What do I do if my dancer misses a class?

If your dancer misses a class, they can pick up a Blue Make-up slip from the front office and have the office fill out the form. All Make-up slips expire 30 Days after the date they were issued.  Dancers must bring the Blue Make-up slip with them when they make-up a class and turn it in to the teacher to participate. If the student does not have the Blue slip they will not be allowed to participate in the class.


What is the Recital?

The recital is our end of the year performance, where every dancer has the opportunity to participate and show off what they have learned over the year. We hold our performances at a professional theater. All dancers receive a professional costume that they get to keep after the show.


When can I enroll for classes?

Our regular dance season is from September through June, and we allow enrollment into any classes as long as it is not full UNTIL January 31st. We close enrollment on 1/31 each year as our classes begin to learn their recital dances and we order costumes. Enrollment for our Summer Session begins each Spring.

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