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Studio Award for "Entertainment"

*Junior Breaking Duo/Trio - Judge's Choice Award for "Strength" & 1st Overall

*Junior Tap Duo/Trio - 3rd Overall

*Junior Tap Duo/Trio - Judge's Choice Award for "Fantastic Feet" & 4th Overall

*Junior Ballet Duo/Trio - Judge's Choice Award for "Technique"

*Junior Hip-Hop Small Group - 2nd Overall

*Junior Lyrical Group - 5th Overall

*Junior Tap Solo - 5th Overall

*Junior Acro Solo - Platinum Adjudicated 

*Teen Tap Solo - 1st Overall

*Teen Breaking Duo/Trio - 1st Overall

*Teen Hip-Hop Duo/Trio - 2nd Overall

*Teen Breaking Duo/Trio & Tap Duo/Trio - 2nd & 3rd Overall in their respective divisions

*Teen Jazz Small Group

*Teen Tap Small Group - 3rd Overall

*Teen Breaking Group - 5th Overall

*Senior Tap Solos - 3rd & 8th Overall

*Senior Pointe Solo - Platinum Adjudication Award

*Senior Lyrical Duo/Trio - 1st Overall

*Senior Contemporary Duo/Trio - 2nd Overall


Top adjudication awards of Diamon & Ruby for all routines

Highest scoring 16 year old Tap solo

Sr. Pointe Trio earned a Judge's Choice Award for "Captivating Choreography" by Miss Samantha

Spotlight Award for "Entertainment" given to our Sr. B-boy Duo

Top scoring Noivce Sr. Solo

Highest scoring Teen Duo/Trio earned by our B-girls

Top scoring Jr. Duo/Trio danced by our B-boy Trio

Jr. Contemporary Small group earned a Judge's  Choice Award for their amazing use of a prop

Top scoring Teen Small Group earned by our Jazz routine

"High 5" Judge's Award given to our Body Rock Breaking Crew

Highest Scoring Sr. Contemporary Small Group

"Feet On Fire" Judge's Choice Ward given to our Sr. Tap Small Group

High Gold & First Place for Noice Sr. Solo

Platinum & 6th Overall for our Sr. Tap Solo - Highest Scoring Sr. Tap Solo

Judge's Standout Award, Platinum & 1st Overall for our Jr. Hip-Hop Small Group

High Gold & 5th Overall for our Jr. Contemporary Small Group

Judge's Award for Technique, Platinum & 1st overall Duo/Trio for our B-boy Trio

Jr. Solo's receiving Standout Judge's Awards, High Golds & 7th and 8th Overall

Sr. Tap Small Group Standout Judge's Award, High Gold & 3rd Overall

Body Rock Breaking Crew receiving Judge's Award for Choreography, Platinum & 1st Overall

Sr. Pointe Trio Platinum & 2nd Overall

Jr. B-Boy Duo Platinum & 3rd Overall

Teen Jazz Small Group High Gold & 1st Overall

Teen B-Girl Duo Choreography Award, Platinum & 1st Overall

Teen Musical Theater Trio Standout Award, High Gold & 2nd Overall

Jr. Solos Elite High Golds and 5th & 3rd Overall

Jr. B-Boy Trio Lightning Gold, 1st Overall & Highest Scoring Jr. Dance

Jr. Tap Small Group Lightning Gold & 1st Overall

Sr. Novice Solo Elite high Gold, 1st Place & Highest Scoring Future Start Sr. Dance

Sr. Tap Solo Lightning Gold, 2nd Overall & Vegas Workshop Scholarship

Teen B-girl Trio Elite High Gold & 1st Overall

Sr. B-Boy Duo Lightning Gold & 3rd Overall

Sr. Contemporary Small Group Elite High Gold & 5th Overall

Body Rock Breaking Crew Lightning God, 1st Overall & Highest Scoring Senior Dance & Most Entertaining Dance of the Entire Competition

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