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AGES 3 - 6

The Joy of Dance!

Our Tots and Pre-level programs are for independent little ones, ages 3 - 7, ready to experience the joy of self-expression through music and movement!

Our Tots dancers, ages 3 and 4, will enter a stimulating learning environment focused on creativity through playful interactions. Little ones will develop a foundation for dance with gross motor movement, body control, simple steps, rhythm, balance, and much more. This program is the first step to learning how to follow directions, count music, and memorize steps or skills. Most importantly, dancers will have fun and enhance their self-confidence!

Our Pre-Level dancers, ages 4 - 7, will be challenged with more specific dance steps or skills while stretching their imaginations through movement. Their ability to count music and coordinate dance phrases to different tempos will improve, along with their capacity to receive feedback and take direction. Dance vocabulary is emphasized and creative freestyle is encouraged! These dancers start learning choreography that they can build upon class after class, which enhances memory skills and creates confidence for performing. Our Pre-level dancers have so much fun that they feel like every class is a dance party!!


Spring Dance Sampler Class for Kids: Discovering the Magic of Dance!

Are you ready to ignite your child's passion for dance and unleash their creativity on stage? Our Spring Dance Sampler Class is the perfect opportunity for kids to explore a variety of dance styles and showcase their skills in a thrilling performance at the end of the program.

What to Expect:

  1. Exploration of Dance Styles: Throughout the course, students will dive into different dance genres such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. Each session is designed to introduce fundamental techniques, rhythms, and movements unique to each style.

  2. Skill Development: Our experienced instructors will guide students through engaging and dynamic lessons tailored to their age group. From learning graceful ballet poses to grooving to the latest hip-hop beats, every class is a chance for your child to grow as a dancer.

  3. Creative Expression: We believe in nurturing individuality and creativity. Students will have opportunities to express themselves through improvisation, choreography exercises, and collaborative group dances.

  4. Stage Performance: The highlight of the program is the spectacular end-of-session performance in our Recital! Students will shine on stage, showcasing what they've learned in a professionally choreographed routine. From dazzling costumes to captivating music, it's a moment they'll cherish forever.

Don't miss this opportunity to spark your child's love for dance and witness their transformation into confident performers! Join us for a memorable journey through the world of dance this spring. Register now to reserve your child's place in our Spring Dance Sampler Class.

Summer 2024

At Body Language Studio, we understand how important it is for children to take part in extracurricular activities that are both fun and educational. Our summer dance programs are designed to be both entertaining and teach important foundational skills. We aim to teach our students the fundamentals of dance in an engaging and interactive way. Our instructors create a non-competitive, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere where kids can learn, express, and grow with confidence.


There is a $20 Summer Registration Fee for all new students.

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