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AGES 3 - 6

The Joy of Dance!

Our Tots and Pre-level programs are for independent little ones, ages 3 - 7, ready to experience the joy of self-expression through music and movement!

Our Tots dancers, ages 3 and 4, will enter a stimulating learning environment focused on creativity through playful interactions. Little ones will develop a foundation for dance with gross motor movement, body control, simple steps, rhythm, balance, and much more. This program is the first step to learning how to follow directions, count music, and memorize steps or skills. Most importantly, dancers will have fun and enhance their self-confidence!

Our Pre-Level dancers, ages 4 - 7, will be challenged with more specific dance steps or skills while stretching their imaginations through movement. Their ability to count music and coordinate dance phrases to different tempos will improve, along with their capacity to receive feedback and take direction. Dance vocabulary is emphasized and creative freestyle is encouraged! These dancers start learning choreography that they can build upon class after class, which enhances memory skills and creates confidence for performing. Our Pre-level dancers have so much fun that they feel like every class is a dance party!!


Summer 2024

At Body Language Studio, we understand how important it is for children to take part in extracurricular activities that are both fun and educational. Our summer dance programs are designed to be both entertaining and teach important foundational skills. We aim to teach our students the fundamentals of dance in an engaging and interactive way. Our instructors create a non-competitive, supportive, and inclusive atmosphere where kids can learn, express, and grow with confidence.


There is a $20 Summer Registration Fee for all new students.

Winter Stars Summer Program

Winter Stars is a unique and comprehensive summer dance program designed for dancers at beginning to intermediate levels who are passionate about performing or are new to the stage. This program couples technical dance classes for skill development with choreography classes to learn a routine in the corresponding styles. Winter Stars culminates in an exclusive performance opportunity in our Winter Stars Showcase this fall.

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