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Jeromeskee started B-boying in 1996 and has been performing and competing ever since. He is a member of several competitive B-boy groups – 2x world-champion Massive Monkees, DVS Crew, and what was the Seattle SuperSonics Boom Squad. Massive Monkees is the 1st American crew to win the title of R-16 B-Boy Master World Champions in Korea. Jeromeskee has participated in, judged, and won numerous B-boy events throughout the world, in the U.K., France, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Poland, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Canada, and all over the U.S.. He was a featured performer on "Dancing With The Stars," the MTV Video Music Awards and Europe Music Awards, competed on MTV’s "America's Best Dance Crew," and was one of the coaches on MTV's "MADE: I Want To Be A B-boy." He is part of the team that choreographed and appeared in the award-winning music video, “Downtown,” for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and also choreographed for and performed live on Macklemore’s world tour. When he is not coaching, he is touring around the world to judge qualifying breaking battles for the 2024 Paris Olympics, where Breaking will debut as a new official sport!

Bboy Jeromeskee,Break Dancing


Train Like A Champion

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A popular style of dance that emerged from hip-hop culture, breaking is a technical style of street dance that is set to long periods of musical ‘breaks.’ B-boys or B-girls are the technical terms for dancers who have mastered this discipline. Focused on power moves, freezes, and footwork, breaking takes rhythm and athleticism. It’s a great supplement to all-styles and hip-hop choreography but is distinctly different with its own unique movement foundation and elements.

Our kids breaking program is all about FUN! Dancers are challenged to think creatively, put together concepts, use their imaginations, and emphasize their own style. BODY ROCK BREAKING is the premiere breaking program in the Pacific Northwest and has contributed to the success of our advanced, competitive, and battle-ready B-boys, B-girls, B-kids, Body Rock Breaking Crew, and alumni. If your child is interested in breaking, the legacy of our program is unmatched!

Advancement Testing & Color System

The process of achieving a higher rank is called an “advancement.” Each new student starts off at the intro. level, white shirt, and achieves higher ranks (and shirt colors) through Advancement. The process of Advancement gets more difficult as the ranks become higher; students will have to present technical, foundational, and tactical skills they have learned throughout the program. This system was inspired by the colored belt system in martial arts. Instead of belts, we are using special shirts to represent what level students are in.

Why are we doing this system?  

Transparency, clarity, and goal setting. Dance/art can easily be subjective. Implementing a system and curriculum with a detailed outline on how to advance to the next level in breaking will give students a clear checklist of goals to strive for in preparation for their Advancement. Parents will have transparency and clarity on what level their child is placed in and why, and guidance for areas in which their child needs to progress to attain the next level.

Jerome was further inspired to implement this system as the art/sport of breaking moves towards a more systemized format with the milestone of breaking being included in the Olympics for 2024. He is now a certified Olympic judge and is actively participating in continuing education for Olympic training, qualification requirements, adjudication, and more. The Body Rock Breaking program at BLS will be the first of its kind, designed to expand into a platform that could produce talent on a championship level. We want our students to dream BIG! 


With that being said, JOY remains the primary core value of our coaching philosophy. We recognize that not every student has the same long-term goals for breaking but believe that the discipline, hard work, courage, and leadership it takes to be a B-boy/B-girl/B-kid will serve students in all areas of their lives.


Enroll now for summer dance! A perfect opportunity for your child to make friends and have fun. Explore breaking, ballet, tap, hip-hop, acro/tumbling, and more in our condensed 5-week sessions.  Summer dance fosters rapid skill growth, renewed motivation, and better preparation for fall classes. Dance all summer and make new friends! 

There is a $20 Summer Registration Fee for all new students.

Beg/Int. Breaking & Int/Adv. Level for all styles are assessment-based levels, which means students have to have BLS prerequisite classes, Advancement Testing, or a private evaluation for enrollment admission.

Winter Stars Summer Program

Winter Stars is a unique and comprehensive summer dance program designed for dancers at beginning to intermediate levels who are passionate about performing or are new to the stage. This program couples technical dance classes for skill development with choreography classes to learn a routine in the corresponding styles. Winter Stars culminates in an exclusive performance opportunity in our Winter Stars Showcase this fall.

$375 for 10 Hours of Dance over 5 weeks + 3 Additional Rehearsals + 1 Basic Costume + 1 Routine to Showcase + 2 Tickets to the November Show

There is a $20 Summer Registration Fee for all new students.

Body Rock Breaking Battle Camp

BRBBC is an extraordinary week of Olympic-level breaking training, where you'll master skills and techniques at the highest level. The week culminates with a live battle at the grand finale, our annual BLS Birthday Celebration and Open House. Showcase your newfound artistry and battle tactics to the beats of a live DJ. Each participant will receive a limited edition T-shirt too. Elevate your breaking and join us for a week of excellence, camaraderie, and inspiration with Jeromeskee, Nova, and special guests from Massive Monkees.

There is a $20 Summer Registration Fee for all new students.

Open Dance Session/Cipher Jam: 

Hosted by Massive Monkees members, Jeromeskee, Glen, and Nova.

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Grand Finale: Monday, May 27th @ Seattle's NW Folklife Festival
Armory Building

Massive Break Challenge is back at Body Language Studio! Open to the public and all active and aspiring B-boys, B-girls, and B-kids are welcome. Join Jeromeskee, Nova, and Glen of Massive Monkees crew for a night of dancing, practice, ciphering, and battles. Come to participate in all or some, or even just to watch! MBC is the Pacific Northwest’s biggest youth breaking league!!

Schedule for Round 1, 2, & 3 at Body Language Studio
5:00 - 5:45 PM FREE Breaking Workshop
5:45 - 7:00 PM Open Session
7:00 - 8:30 PM MBC Battles Round 1

2024 Dates for Round 1, 2, & 3

2023 - 2024 Class Schedule

Boogie Tots

Ages 3 - 4



4:10 - 4:40 PM


4:35 - 5:05 PM

Beg. Teen Breaking

No Experience

Ages 11+


5:15 - 6:10 PM

Intro. to Breaking

Ages 4 - 6


4:40 - 5:25 PM


4:00 - 4:45 PM

Beg/Int. Breaking Power Moves

For Dancers Enrolled in Levels Beg. Breaking & Higher


6:20 - 7:15 PM

Intro. to Breaking

No Experience

Ages 7+


5:00 - 5:55 PM

Int. Breaking

By Assessment



6:05 - 7:00 PM


Minimum 1 Year Breaking Training

Ages 7+

By Assessment


5:35 - 6:30 PM

Adv. Breaking

By Assessment


7:10 - 8:05 PM

Int/Adv. Breaking
Power Moves

By Assessment


7:25 - 8:20 PM

Breaking Power Moves: Begins Wed. August 30th, 2023

Breaking Power Moves classes take the foundations of breaking up a level. In this class, dancers learn how to safely execute more complex power moves and flashy tricks. Taught by Mr. Noah and Mr. Jerome, with guest instructors from Massive Monkees Crew, this is a must-take class for any dancers* serious about Breaking.

*Dancers must be enrolled in a breaking foundation class in order to take Power Moves.

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