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Hooray! We're excited to dance with you! Below you'll find a sample class for each of the 4 styles of dance we currently teach to young beginners.


After dancing along with us in these videos, your child can try a virtual live-streaming class with other students by clicking "Sign Up" below the video they liked. If you want to reserve their spot in a class with us right away, whether virtually or safely in-person, click "Enroll."


We're looking forward to meeting you!!

Pre-Level Ballet, Tuesdays 3:50 - 4:30 PM, Ages 4 - 6

Pre-Level Hip-Hop/Breaking, Saturdays 10:45 - 11:25 AM, Ages 4 - 6

Pre-Level Tap, Fridays 4:15 - 4:55 PM, Ages 4 - 6

Pre-Level Jazz, Wednesdays 2:50 - 3:30 PM, Ages 4 - 6

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